Michael on October 21st, 2009
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Today, I’m featuring a quick compilation of links I’m sure you’ll find interesting:

  • Bankrate.com recently published a story Should you pay debt before savings? It’s a good write-up of an important question for those living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. Plus, I was quoted for the piece.
  • Social Security recently announced that there will be no increase in monthly benefits checked sent to retirees during 2010.  Until now, retirees have almost always had an annual increase for inflation.  But not for 2010. If you’re still working, it won’t affect your day-to-day life too much.  But it might make for an interesting conversation with the folks, especially about this special $250 payment the government is considering. Over at my About.com site, we’ve started a spirited conversation and poll about the $250 payment.  Check it out or join in.
  • I was also quoted in Credit card APRs fall slightly, reversing recent rate-hike trend, an article at CreditCards.com.  Many of the changes to credit cards are beginning to affect even those who pay off their balances every month.  We’re starting to see increased annual fees, reductions in available credit and outright cancellations, even among “good” customers. Make sure you’re paying attention and using your cards appropriately.

I’m off to Las Vegas for a speaking engagement tomorrow – have a good week.

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