Michael on October 5th, 2009
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You have to love the lesson Matt from Taking Charge shares in his Blogger wakes corporate giant, helps secure long-sought refund.  It’s my favorite article from this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Studenomics.  My article, Welcome to the fourth quarter: Five suggested tasks before New Year’s, was also featured.

In Matt’s brief article, he reminds us that the same old ways of dealing with big company buracracies often no longer work.  Although Matt is a blogger who may have more distribution channels for his unresolved problems than the otherwise normal people who do not spend countless hours sharing their views with whomever might read them, anyone can reach out to a blogger or other media source for assistance.

It’s easy to believe that the customer service 800 number is your only option. In my opinion, it should be only your first. However, if you receive unsatisfactory service after a polite but firm explanation of your rational case, move on.

This applies not only in Matt’s failure to receive a refund but also when trying to negotiate a lower credit card bill, or as my brother has perfected, receiving compensation from airlines for their mishaps.

Remember, the old rules don’t apply.  Often, in unexpected situations.

Saturday night, just before bed, I felt like something was in  my eye. I couldn’t get it out so I went to bed, hoping it was nothing. Long story short, it kept me up several hours the last two nights (although the daytime hours of Sunday weren’t too bad).  Still, had Sunday been a workday, I would have seen my eye doctor – it just didn’t seem bad enough to warrant an emergency room visit.

Still, I got an appointment first thing this morning. Upon seeing my eye, now red enough to anger a bull, the eye doctor immediately says, “You know we have someone on call all weekend, right?”

A failure to think out of the box can occur in just about every part of your life.  Make sure you look for it.

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