Michael on October 12th, 2009
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So I got a concussion last week.

You: Explaining your recent absence?


You: I thought it was the Red Sox fiasco.

While that didn’t exactly speed my recovery, their collapse had no impact on the extent of my own.  While I am still limited in my work hours, I will try to weave in an important, if not bref, financial lesson from my concussion.

Emergencies Can Come From Any (and I Mean ANY) Source and at Anytime

You simply never know when (or from what direction) an emergency will hit.  So many fear sudden unemployment.  Given the unemployment rate’s steady march towards double digits, there’s some good reason to be concerned. Nonetheless, even those with tenure or near lifetime contracts can suffer an unexpected financial emergency thanks to a car accident, home repair, or, sadly, a random collision of their head with another person’s head in the back row of a pick-up volleyball match.

You: Is the latter what happened to you?

You’re all over that one.  Too bad I didn’t see it coming, or I would have avoided it. Nonetheless, after several days, two emergency room visits and a whole lot of nausea, I’m starting to get back in the swing of things.

While I don’t recommend a concussion, having satisfactory health insurance along with an emergency fund set aside was at least of some comfort as they wheeled me into the room with the big (and awfully xpensive) cat scan.

Are you prepared for your next emergency?

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2 Comments to “My head still hurts”

  1. Nora says:


    So sorry to hear about your injury! It must be doubly irritating that you got it while trying to have fun and improve your health.

    Take it easy for a while. Your financial advice is good and is always paired with wit and good sense. I’m willing to wait until you feel in top form and ready to blog anew.

  2. Michael says:

    @Nora: Thank you for your kind note – and your patience! Indeed, doubly irritating it remains!

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