Michael on December 11th, 2009
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At the end of 2008, I put together a list of my favorite moments of the year.  These were personal memories, mind you, not political or otherwise newsworthy events, though they sometimes overlapped.

You: How?  You didn’t do anything newsworthy.

Here’s an example: the Red Sox coming back to beat the Tampa Rays 8-7 in Game 5 of the ALCS made my list.

You: How is that a personal memory?  Just because you were watching the game as Red Sox fan?

No.  Becuse I was at the game.

You: Gotcha.

Other memories had less to do with sports and more about highlights of the year with my wife and children.

While I plan on maing the same list again in the next couple of weeks for 2009, I am also going to make a new type of list this year. It’s one I’ve been thinking about making for a long time, but now I am actually going to do it.

You: What is this list?

It’s a list of all the memories I want to have.

You:  A list of memories you want to have? Do you suffer from amnesia? How old are you?

No, no, no.  I’m talking about my future; things I want to experience that I haven’ yet done.

You: Such as?

I’ve never been to a Dave Matthews Band concert. I’d like to change that.  I would also like to attend the NCAA Final Four one year.  I’d like to learn enough about playing the piano that I could play a couple of basic old Billy Joel songs.  My list could (and will) go on

For some people, such a list could provide a great incentive to save.  For others, such a list would give a greater incentive to spend some of their savings.

After all, life is all about balance.

I’d love to hear some of your dreams – might help me grow my list. Do tell – and consider creating a dream list of your own.

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One Comment to “What are your dreams?”

  1. Adam says:

    that sounds like a great idea Michael!

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