Of my top ten saving strategies is Number 4: Enjoy Free Stuff.

You: How can somebody do that?

Easy.  Just play on the swings or dance in the leaves.

You: Seriously?  I’m an adult.

Not going to lie to you – you might get some looks on the swing set.   Still, well worth it.  Or try something similar like going for a hike, visiting the beach, or taking a newspaper to the park.

You: Gotcha.

Yesterday, I re-discovered one of the best free activities in existence.

You: Re-discovered?

I chose that word because I forgot how much fun the activity was. I hadn’t done it since I was in high school.

You: Is it legal? Not sure I want to do anything I did in high school again.

It’s not like that.

You: What did you do?

I went sledding.

You: Really?

Yup. Took my girls sledding down a big hill at a nearby farm.  It’s in the early running for the memory of 2010.

You: Why?

Sledding is A LOT of fun.  Riding down a big hill with virtually no steering control knowing that the worst thing that could happen is a face full of snow is a blast.

Admission charge: zero dollars.

Sled price per use: Negligible, especially when you consider that it was really inexpensive to begin with and we’ll have it for two kids and several winters.

Seeing two little girls go from slight fear to daredevil status in less than an hour?


What can you do next weekend for very little money that you’ll remember for years to come?

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2 Comments to “Another ultimate free activity with apologies to those in the south”

  1. Ron says:

    I’m in the South and believe me, we’ve been sledding.

  2. Michael says:

    @Ron: So I’ve heard. The folks in DC have had more snow than those here (New Hampshire). Crazy year. Glad to spread the joy around. Sled while you can!

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