Michael on February 19th, 2010
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Saving for a home or, more precisely, how to save for a home is today’s Q & A.
You: Q & A?
Although Friday comes every week, Friday Q &A comes around only when someone submits a good question AND I have time to answer it.   Both happened this week, so here we go. Want to ask [...]

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Schedules L & M are now available at the IRS web site, and post offices and libraries near you.  You’ve never filed these forms before.
You: How do you know?
Schedules L and M didn’t exist before this filing season.
You: Correct.
You: What are these schedules?
You don’t know?
You: Of course I don’t know! I don’t get paid to [...]

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Michael on February 8th, 2010
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A close relative of mine just sent me this email:
Gotta love my bank . . .
I went online to check my bill and I see nothing there about me ever having a credit card…
As i’m looking around I notice I have an “email” from bank of America with a new credit card number…umm…WHAT!??!
So I call [...]

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