Michael on February 8th, 2010
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A close relative of mine just sent me this email:

Gotta love my bank . . .

I went online to check my bill and I see nothing there about me ever having a credit card…

As i’m looking around I notice I have an “email” from bank of America with a new credit card number…umm…WHAT!??!

So I call them…she said it has been “compromised or your card is lost or stolen.” I said umm I have it in my hand…it’s not stolen…she said, well sir mail has been sent to you regarding why this was done…I don’t have any info.”

i called back 5 min later and someone much more helpful said It’s not just me, its thousands of people. Apparently some store I shopped at (could have been a month ago or 4 years ago) got hacked and all their credit card numbers have been stolen. So they closed everyones accounts down and sent out new cards…my card that I have right now will still work till I get the new one.

This is all fine and dandy…but don’t you think they should have called?!?!?!

So no one knows anything till I get something in the mail.

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Who can be the first person to correctly identify the bank?

Who else is in the same shoes?  Should they call or at least email? Thoughts?

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4 Comments to “Bank: Customer service or total cluster?”

  1. Adam says:


    The same exact thing happened to me with bank of america. I was fortunate to see the email ahead of time saying that the previous account was closed. I called to find out where my card was/could have been compromised (b/c I didn’t yet have any suspicious transactions on my acct) and they couldn’t tell me where it happened. I hadn’t heard from the retailer either which made the whole process frustrating.


  2. Mrs. Money says:

    I would go into a branch if possible and talk to someone. They should be able to help out!

  3. Lillie says:

    I agree with Mrs. Money, I would go to the bank and speak directly with someone to address the concern. Usually all of my banking is done online and I view my transactions periodically throughout the day. If there are any alerts on my accounts, I usually follow up immediately with them. Since you don’t have any idea how the card was compromised and haven’t heard from the retailer, I am certain that this is more than frustrating.

  4. Megan says:

    This happened to me and about 70% of the people I know with Chase a couple months ago. A bar/restaurant we go to was compromised, and they cancelled everyone\’s card over the course of a couple months. I was not e-mailed or called about it, and I found out when my card was declined making a purchase. It would have been nice to be informed about it, but even when I called I could barely get any information. I actually learned everything I know from the bar owner, not Chase. I was wondering if they were replacing everyone\’s card before the new regulations were going into place…

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