The folks over at Career Overview recently put together quite a list of 100 personal finance posts.  Includes as the top “Smart Habits” post was my article Do Debit Cards Separate You From Your Money Emotionally?

Other good reads include:

  1. Jeremy at Gen X Finance wrote: Your Car is Making You Poor and What You Can Do About It. I think cars are one of the biggest areas of opportunity for most people to turn their financial lives around.
  2. How I Save $4,000/year by My Life ROI.  You may not want to follow all of his suggestions, but if you follow some and develop a few of your own and you can start on the right financial foot.
  3. Wisebread put together 10 Life and Money Lessons Learned from Immigrant Parents. Fantastic reading that will help keep you grounded.

On a related note, consider reading my Twelve Crazy Myths of Personal Finance, an occasionally humorous take on many of these key issues soon to be faced by graduating students.

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