Michael on March 11th, 2010
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We continue to receive accolades (and new clients) for our tax preparation service which features a 30 minute consultation with me about anything on your financial mind.  We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars and seemingly routinely amend their prior year returns (those prepared by themselves or by another tax preparer) saving them money on years gone by. Talk about free money!

Anyway, this weekend is the last weekend we honor early bird discounts.

You: What’s an early bird discount for tax-preparation?

Simply that you send us your information by March 15. By giving us nearly a month before the deadline, we can get your return done with minimal stress.  You’re obviously organized and it allows us to be more efficient. We pass the time savings on to you in the form of a reduced tax preparation charge.

Join the onslaught of new clients this year so you can become a referrer next year – saving $50 for each new client you refer (with anyone bringing four people along garnering a completely free tax return for themselves).

We look forward to working with you!

Read more about our services, our specials, our prices, FAQs, or just get started.

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