Michael on May 25th, 2010
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At long last, my wife and I finally bought a home.
You: You started looking a year ago, no?
This round, in New Hampshire, yes.  But we also looked to buy a place in Chicago during 1999 and in New Jersey in 2002.
You: So it took you ten years to buy a home?
Sort of.  But we weren’t [...]

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Michael on May 17th, 2010
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After a very successful trip to Annapolis, Maryland speaking at the University of Maryland’s Personal Finance Seminar for Professionals, I returned to an enormous box on my desk.
I approached in cautiously.
You: Did you fear it was a bomb?
Of course not, why?
You: It’s possible.
I think you’re watching too much TV.
You: What does that have to do [...]

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This is post #450 on this blog.
You: I can’t believe it.
Me neither.
Gary: And you still haven’t sold the suckers anything.
They’re not suckers, Gary.
Gary: To you, maybe.
Just trying to teach, man.
Gary: Good luck with that.
It’s going rather well.
You: I’d agree.
Thanks, but before we get overconfident, take a look at the CBS News video below which had [...]

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When I ended my keynote presentation last week at New Hampshire Jump$tart’s MoneySmarts, I was asked several questions.  (Candidly, the Q & A portion of any seminar is highly enjoyable because it always varies significantly. You really never know what you’re going to be asked.)  With an audience of about 150 teachers – mostly of [...]

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Michael on May 3rd, 2010
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Some quick thoughts:
Nope, we didn’t purchase a house before Friday – but not for lack of trying.  We made what we thought was a good offer on  a nice property. Nonetheless, our offer was not good enough in the eyes of the sellers, who elected to keep the property on the market while hoping for [...]

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