Michael on May 3rd, 2010
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Some quick thoughts:

Nope, we didn’t purchase a house before Friday - but not for lack of trying.  We made what we thought was a good offer on  a nice property. Nonetheless, our offer was not good enough in the eyes of the sellers, who elected to keep the property on the market while hoping for a stronger bid from someone else.  Truthfully, it’s amazing how much easier it gets to move along, psychologically, the more times you get rejected (we’ve bid on homes before without success).  Kind of reminds me of my high school dating life.  Just like there, eventually it works out and it is so worth the wait.  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

The household savings rate is back down under 3%, it’s lowest level since September, 2008 when the recent economic malaise began. For those who thought we were a permanently changed culture, one where people were going to save more aggressively than before, I say to you a humble, “I told you so.”  Those who were savers before are probably even bigger savers now, but the vast majority of us went back to our old ways as soon as weren’t embarrassed or terrified to do so.

Continental and United will merge. I’m not excited about this. First, because I’ve had great experiences on one airline and pretty much refuse to fly the other. Also, because less capacity means higher profits (and I don’t directly own any airline stock, but am a consumer who will probably paying more). That said, sooner or later the airlines have to make a profit. Personally, I’m not into cross-country bus rides.

Thoughts on any of this?

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2 Comments to “Three Random Facts: Housing, Saving, Flying”

  1. Conrad says:

    Buying a house is now more frightening than it has been in a long time. Far too many people are afraid to get in over their heads and don’t have a proper emergency fund set up. I think an emergency fund before buying a home is the wisest decision anyone could make. Imagine having to make a mortgage payment without having a job… I think a lot of Americans made that mistake and were not able to recover.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Michael says:

    @Conrad: You’re correct and it’s an often overlooked part of basic personal finance. Didn’t seem to matter too much while all markets were running full throttle . . . let’s hope our hiccup causes increased rational, careful, and calculated behavior.

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