Michael on July 12th, 2010
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A few weeks ago, I put a poll up on this site (you can still see it to the right) asking the question How do you feel about how much tax you pay?

While it’s admittedly a non-scientific poll, the same could be said about the voting for the final roster spot on Major League Baseball’s all-star team.

You: But at least there were millions of votes.

True, but not necessarily millions of voters.

You: Point taken.

Remember, no one knows you’re a dog on the Internet.  Anyway, the results were a bit surprising, as more than three-quarters fell voted “My tax burden is too high.”

You: Why did that surprise you?

With half of all Americans paying no income taxes, I thought I’d see more people happy with their tax burden.  True, it’s a small non-scientific sample.  Aside from the aforementioned caveats, why do you think the results are as they are?  Have you voted yet?

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2 Comments to “How you feel about taxes”

  1. Steph says:

    I haven’t voted yet because my answer is torn. On one hand, I feel like I should pay more taxes to reap the benefits like Canada or France – but on the other I’m making more money than ever before and yet it doesn’t seem like it because of the city wage taxes and health insurance costs. hmmmm

  2. Michael says:

    @Steph: Thanks for the comment. I understand your conundrum.

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