Michael on September 13th, 2010
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1. No, everyone is NOT doing it.

2. Because it will, eventually, catch up with you.

3. You find greater happiness from little things – especially when you’re not trying to one-up what you did yesterday.

4. Financially stretched = emotionally stressed.

5. The Jones’ are about to run out of money. Why keep up with them?

6. Hey – did you hear? There’s a recession out there. It isn’t cool to spend money you don’t have anymore.

7. Once you take control, you can spend on the things you enjoy and, since you can afford them, you’ll enjoy them even more.

8. Savings give you options. Who doesn’t like having choices?

9. It’s kind of fun to have a bank account with more digits before the decimal point than after it.

10.  If you spend less when you make more, you can spend more when you make less.

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6 Comments to “Ten Reasons Not to Live Beyond Your Means”

  1. Sean Browne says:

    I’m always thinking about how much money I should have when I retire. What my life will look like later down the line. But for right now i’m trying to enjoy what I have to the fullest without putting a dent in my pocket. Especially now these days, almost everything costs an arm and one leg. I am contributing to my savings every month for any emergency or even for retirement fund. But realistically I don’t think any amount of savings will ever be enough, it just depends on how you manage all your expenses or investments.

  2. Even if you try to live beyond your means it will only take you a few months to mess up your credit score and not be able to do that for at least a few years until you repair it back to its previous state. So many people go that route…

  3. Julian says:

    loved this one :

    6. Hey – did you hear? There’s a recession out there. It isn’t cool to spend money you don’t have anymore.

  4. I like #5. Those Joneses sure are good at making it look easy and grand, but they fight every night and hate themselves when they wake up. They are constantly scrambling to keep making it look that easy so you’ll want to be like them. Don’t keep up with people who make bad decisions.

  5. harry says:

    I love this: Financially stretched = emotionally stressed.

  6. Jeremiah says:

    This is some great advice. I love the thought that there is no reason to keep up with the Jones if they are going to run out of money.

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