Hi, I’m Gary. I first appeared in Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, where I accurately presented an alternative view (my view) for how young professionals should conduct their financial affairs. Despite how I am portrayed, I’m actually a very nice guy who’s been advising people just like you for over 200 years. Michael says the only difference between me and a financial planner you’d want to work with is that I put my interests ahead of yours. I say that’s splitting hairs and contend you’ll never know the difference. Anyway, you’ll see my comments on this blog periodically with my take on things.

Make sure you pay attention. Far better to meet me in this blog than in person. Remember–in the real world my name might not be Gary and I might not even be a man.

Oh, I get asked this a lot: I graduated Halpern State University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Feel free to send me a picture of what you think I look like. Eventually, I’ll pick one as my icon.

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