Does the world really need another blog? Not for me to say. But I’ll certainly try to make sure this isn’t just “another blog.” Rather, this will be the continuation of the conversation you and I likely started elsewhere, probably in the book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck or if you attended one of Total Candor’s educational financial planning workshops.

Almost anyone can benefit from obtaining an unbiased financial education, and so my goal here is to become a key resource for those who want to improve their current financial situation.  So ask questions and comment. It’s a blog, people!

Too often, it takes a major life event to get people our age to pay attention to finances. Such events can be good things, such as:

  • The purchase of a home
  • A marriage or engagement
  • The birth of adoption of a child
  • A big raise or promotion

Or, the events that wake us up to importance of money issues could result from less desirable occurrences such as:

  • A death in the family
  • A divorce
  • The loss of a job

Regardless of the cause, it is often only after a major life event that we have that “a-ha” moment and begin to pay attention to our personal finances. All too often, we come to wish we’d started far younger, that we had “gotten on this 10 or 15 years ago.”

Together, we can change your prospects. Either by getting you to pay attention while you are still quite young, or to get you to start just a few years earlier than you otherwise might, you can benefit tremendously by receiving the basic financial planning education our schools have failed to provide you.

But I still must caution you. Hey, I’m just being honest: The information provided in this blog, either by me or someone else, is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal, investment, or accounting advice. You should consult a competent accountant, investment advisor, or legal counsel, as applicable, in order to obtain specific advice tailored to your situation. None of that should surprise you. And I (and hopefully everyone else who comments) will do our best to provide you that unbiased education you so definitely deserve.

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  1. Paul Kellen says:

    I hope you enjoyed the quote the Jeff and Sully included in the book. Thanks for referencing it. If you are interested I could send you my entire letter which has additional views on the significance of Cpt. Sullenberger and the messages conveyed by his choices, including, but ont limited to, the Hudson landing.

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