Michael on September 7th, 2010
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You hopefully have many choices to consider when contemplating your response to the question, “What was the best financial move you’ve made so far?”
For me, it’s easy.
You: Haven’t made too many good financial moves, buddy?
Actually, plenty. It’s just that ,as I near completion on my manuscript of book number two, I’ve contemplated this exact question.
You: [...]

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The post you are now reading is my 400th post at the Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck blog.
You: Is that a lot?
It is to me.
You: Do you like blogging?
Do you like vegetables?
You: Usually, but not always.
Blogging is like eating vegetables.  Blogging today is more enjoyable than unusual, however, since, it’s my first post with the new [...]

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Michael on July 22nd, 2009
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Maybe it’s the part of me that remembers how excited I felt to still be awake at 12:30 AM as a teenager, but I still think Top 10 lists are fun.  From those I’ve created here, two of my favorites are:

Top 10 Most Annoying Ways to Lose A Little Money – an article that garnered [...]

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Michael on December 3rd, 2008
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I realized something while eating too many sweet potatoes last week.
You:  That they need to be cooked first?
Something even more insightful:  cars are way underrated.
You: This coming from a man who in his entire life has only owned a Neon and a Saturn?  Don’t you mean that cars are overrated?
Nope. So when it occurred to [...]

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Michael on October 16th, 2008
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Continuing on our theme of basics, I read one particularly good article at this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance: The article, written by Fiscal Zen, is 25 Savvy Tips for Car Buyers and Owners
As you know, there are always great articles at the Carnival of Personal Finance, this week including my post discussing how The [...]

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Michael on July 21st, 2008
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Just about two weeks after I paid over $$$ to replace the condenser on my money-sucking $aturn, recharge the AC and assorted other AC stuff I don’t understand, my wife informs me that the AC isn’t working again. While I’m highly disappointed, I’m thinking “Hey, they said there was a 12 months, 12,000 mile [...]

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Michael on June 5th, 2008
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I recently wrote of the problems my Saturn was giving me. Ironically, the car drives fine; it’s just that it keeps asking for money. Even though it’s a relatively low mileage (77K) car for its not overly advanced age (7 years), I’ve had three major ordeals since the beginning of the year:

Hotel $aturn invites [...]

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Michael on May 20th, 2008
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I have a car. Its name is $aturn. I bought it new in 2001. I’m not sure I’d buy new today, but I’ve been a fan of buying a car and then driving it until it drops. I think it’s the most economical way to go. Once I’ve finished paying it off, I enjoy years [...]

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