Michael on August 16th, 2010
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Here’s my next video on debt management. I hope you enjoy it?
You: Is the volume going to be a problem again?
That depends.
You: On?
On whether you want to hear it.
You: Of course I want to hear it!
Good. Then just increase the volume.  But keep in mind – in a work setting, far better for a video’s [...]

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When I ended my keynote presentation last week at New Hampshire Jump$tart’s MoneySmarts, I was asked several questions.  (Candidly, the Q & A portion of any seminar is highly enjoyable because it always varies significantly. You really never know what you’re going to be asked.)  With an audience of about 150 teachers – mostly of [...]

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Michael on April 1st, 2010
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Credit cards can change your life.
You: Excellent!
Not necessarily for the better.
You: Oh. I mean . . . right.
There are some upsides to credit cards for those who use them responsibly.
You: Such as?
Benefits include building a credit history, the convenience of not carrying around a lot of cash, the ability to pay for things many [...]

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Michael on December 18th, 2009
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The sign says “Pay nothing until 2012!”
You: Seems to be good to be true.
And, therefore, it probably is.
You: I knew that.  But why, again?  I mean for, ah, my friend . . .  could you explain it again?  She didn’t think it was a bad idea.
I’d be happy to help your friend.  Tell her to [...]

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Michael on December 9th, 2009
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Last week I discussed Why the drop in late credit card payments doesn’t excite me. Then, I covered The real unemployment rate just this past Monday.
To continue my little rant on misleading statistics today I discuss the phenomenon of lower credit card balances.  Analyzing TransUnion data, the AP reported the credit card delinquency decline here [...]

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As reported by the AP on MSNBC, Late credit card payments drop in 3rd quarter.  With a headline like that, I decided to read the article.  According to the referenced TransUnion study, late payments on credit cards during the third quarter (ending at the conclusion of September) were lower than they were in the previous [...]

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Michael on October 21st, 2009
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Today, I’m featuring a quick compilation of links I’m sure you’ll find interesting:

Bankrate.com recently published a story Should you pay debt before savings? It’s a good write-up of an important question for those living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. Plus, I was quoted for the piece.

Social Security recently announced that there will be no increase in [...]

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You: You’re watching pre-season basketball?
No.  Honestly, I might even watch golf first.
You: What’s wrong with watching golf?
I find it more boring than the prospect of playing it.
You: Wow.  So what’s with the “fourth quarter” reference then?
I’m talking about the fourth quarter of the year, which begins today.  For better or worse, many companies – especially [...]

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You:  It’s not lighthouses.
Probably not.
You: Or millions of acres of corn fields.
Not likely.
You:  What is it?
Very high average student loan balances.
You: How and why would you know this?
Late at night, after we get the kids down, one of the things I like to do to relax is study student loan patterns by county.
You: For real?
Heck [...]

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Michael on June 8th, 2009
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I’m always eager to share articles written elsewhere that are useful to Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck readers.  That’s one reason I read the Carnival of Personal Finance every week. This week’s version, hosted by fellow New Englander David from Money Under 30, includes my post Should I Repair My Car or Buy Another One?
Of the [...]

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