Michael on August 30th, 2010
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More than two years ago I posted Your Problem Isn’t Starbucks, emphasizing the importance of Saving Strategy # 5: Major on the major, minor on the minor.  Working with Ode Magazine, I created a video further illustrating the importance of the strategy. I think you’ll find it simultaneously liberating and motivational.  Am I right?

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Michael on August 16th, 2010
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Here’s my next video on debt management. I hope you enjoy it?
You: Is the volume going to be a problem again?
That depends.
You: On?
On whether you want to hear it.
You: Of course I want to hear it!
Good. Then just increase the volume.  But keep in mind – in a work setting, far better for a video’s [...]

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Michael on August 2nd, 2010
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I recently recorded a video on financial responsibility for Ode Magazine. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below and let me know your thoughts (only the first commenter gets to complain about the low volume, please). =)

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Michael on June 17th, 2010
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Online Degrees did Yeoman’s work in compiling a list of the twenty best blogs for 20-somethings.  As she said, I’m not exclusively focused on our young people, much of my writing is targeted at this group and I am glad to be included in this list.   A few of the blogs I read regularly are [...]

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Michael on March 17th, 2010
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Detroit or LA?
You: For basketball?

Back in the day, sure. Today? Not so much.
You: Then for what? Beaches?
I don’t think the shores of Lake Erie compete with the Pacific.
You: Cost of living?
I think the $8,000 house in Detroit buys you about one square foot in LA.
You: Then what?
TV. I was on TV in both Detroit and [...]

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Michael on March 4th, 2010
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One of my relatives recently was charged a substantial fee for rolling his 401(k) plan out to an IRA.  In my opinion, that’s total nonsense, even if it’s disclosed.  It’s the equivalent of an “account closing fee.” Can you imagine?
You: I’d like to close my account.
Bank: I see you have $100 in your account so [...]

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Michael on September 2nd, 2009
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I’m not a fan of traditional budgeting.
You: What do you mean when you say “traditional budgeting?”
I’m talking about where you make a list of all of your expenses and try to ensure that you don’t spend more than, say $35 on entertainment or $50 on groceries for a week.
You: Sounds like classic budgeting to me. [...]

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Father’s Day Financial Lessons
Earlier this month, I wrote a detailed article Three Financial Reminders For New Dads over at FiLife (a joint venture between The Wall Street Journal and IAC.  I’m sharing it with you in honor of Father’s Day. How are you (or the Dad in your life) celebrating? I’m going to the Red [...]

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In conjunction with what has turned into what could be the world’s largest Q & A session on the first time home buyer tax credit (a fact I have not attempted to verify), I recently wrote about the 7 Things You Need to Know About the Home Buyer Tax Credit at Mint.com.
You may already realize [...]

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Earlier this month, I wrote a detailed article about the Tax Breaks for Higher Education Expenses over at FiLife (a joint venture between The Wall Street Journal and IAC).
Did you know that the Hope credit, once limited to the first two years of college expenses, is now significantly more widely available? Less important, but still [...]

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