Michael on October 17th, 2012
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If you have already purchased a copy of The Savings Solution, thank you! If you haven’t purchased an ebook copy, here’s your chance – for free.  Today and tomorrow (October 17 and 18), you can save on The Savings Solution on Amazon.com.
You: How much can I save?
You can save 100% of the purchase [...]

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Michael on September 13th, 2010
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1. No, everyone is NOT doing it.
2. Because it will, eventually, catch up with you.
3. You find greater happiness from little things – especially when you’re not trying to one-up what you did yesterday.
4. Financially stretched = emotionally stressed.
5. The Jones’ are about to run out of money. Why keep up with them?
6. Hey – [...]

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Michael on September 7th, 2010
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You hopefully have many choices to consider when contemplating your response to the question, “What was the best financial move you’ve made so far?”
For me, it’s easy.
You: Haven’t made too many good financial moves, buddy?
Actually, plenty. It’s just that ,as I near completion on my manuscript of book number two, I’ve contemplated this exact question.
You: [...]

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Michael on August 30th, 2010
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More than two years ago I posted Your Problem Isn’t Starbucks, emphasizing the importance of Saving Strategy # 5: Major on the major, minor on the minor.  Working with Ode Magazine, I created a video further illustrating the importance of the strategy. I think you’ll find it simultaneously liberating and motivational.  Am I right?

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Michael on August 23rd, 2010
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I’m quickly approaching the completion my second book: The Savings Solution.  While the book is almost all new content, I am revising some of my favorite and relevant blog posts and including them as sidebars.  One such sidebar follows. Although adapted from a post I wrote back in December, 2007 it is as relevant to [...]

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Michael on June 28th, 2010
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When speaking on college campuses I often give student an opportunity to make some money.
You: Seems nice of you.
To get the cash, they must stay after my seminar for a market research study.  Since I offer $25 for 30 minutes of their time,  nearly the whole audience wants to participate.
You: What do you do then?
I [...]

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Michael on June 14th, 2010
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I just finished reading 15 most hated fees at CNNMoney.com.  Included on their list are many you’ve heard before such as:

baggage fees
termination fees charged by cell phone companies if you cancel before your contract ends.

Neither of those fees bug me, however.
You: Why not?
Because they’re not hidden.
You: Meaning?
I know about them well in advance and choose [...]

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Michael on May 17th, 2010
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After a very successful trip to Annapolis, Maryland speaking at the University of Maryland’s Personal Finance Seminar for Professionals, I returned to an enormous box on my desk.
I approached in cautiously.
You: Did you fear it was a bomb?
Of course not, why?
You: It’s possible.
I think you’re watching too much TV.
You: What does that have to do [...]

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Michael on April 19th, 2010
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I just saw the article “Earn Tax-Free Income” over at Forbes.  It’s a clever topic and the piece actually delivers.  While some of the suggestions are not for those without resources (e.g., buy an apartment building), you may find that you already doing others (e.g., using a cash-back credit card).  Yet it’s a comprehensive list [...]

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Michael on April 13th, 2010
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My brother sent me a link to On a tight budget? Odds are you’ll spend more. Since the article’s title suggests that trying to micro-manage expenses was a failing strategy, I was intrigued. After all, and as long-time readers know, I like the rule “Major on the major, minor on the minor” Therefore, I [...]

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