Michael on July 22nd, 2009
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Maybe it’s the part of me that remembers how excited I felt to still be awake at 12:30 AM as a teenager, but I still think Top 10 lists are fun.  From those I’ve created here, two of my favorites are:

Top 10 Most Annoying Ways to Lose A Little Money – an article that garnered [...]

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Michael on July 6th, 2009
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I’m a big fan of major on the major, minor on the minor.  Too many people spend too much of their precious time trying to save money in small ways only to miss the big opportunities.  As a result, they continue to struggle.
That said, I’m human too.  I’ve spent and lost money due to certain [...]

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for this week’s reader-submitted Q & A. If you’d like to submit a question, click here for more information or simply email a question. Recently, the questions have been arriving in droves, so get yours in today! As you’ll see from the signature below, they’re also coming in from [...]

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Michael on June 1st, 2009
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Although my wife and I are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary in a few weeks, it was as though we were married only yesterday as I read The Weakonmist’s post How I Saved 15% On My Wedding Ring In 15 Seconds & 45% Overall, which I found while reviewing this week’s Carnival of Personal [...]

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One of the best parts of the weekly personal finance carnivals, including this week’s carnival hosted by WiseBread, it the wide variety of personal finance topics covered.  In addition, I always take the time to enjoy an article or two that I’ve been meaning to write myself but just haven’t gotten to.  This week was [...]

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Michael on April 17th, 2009
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I don’t like to talk disparaging about other people or other companies.
You: So I’ve noticed.
Life is too short and the world is too small.
You: But you’re going to bad-mouth Upromise anyway?
No, I don’t really have an issue with Upromise itself.  However, I am concerned about some of the people who have Upromise accounts.
You: Why?
Two reasons. [...]

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Michael on April 1st, 2009
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April fools.  Did I get you?
Today’s topic is:
Spending less on technology
Until recently, upgrading your computer every two or three years was a virtual necessity.  Now, many people have learned that the PCs of a few years ago can be made into practically new machines by adding memory and hard-drive space.  Furthermore, the total cost to [...]

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After a bunch of requests, I finally got my act together and I’m now on Twitter. So, as the saying goes, feel free to follow me on twitter. I have many ideas for using this (relatively) new medium (to me) some of which I think are going to be fun, so hop on over there.
My [...]

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Michael on February 12th, 2009
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Adam at Your Money Relationship was kind enough to send this video over to me.

Now I’m thinking that perhaps my next book could be a lot shorter than I’ve been planning.

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Michael on February 9th, 2009
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Last weekend, I did something I haven’t done in 12 years.
You: Play a round golf?
Nope. I still haven’t done that.
You: Oh! You watched a round of golf!
No!  I don’t do golf.  Last weekend, my family and I went skiing in Vermont.  It was only the third time I’ve ever been skiing and it was the [...]

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