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I’m often asked if the emotional separation inherent in credit card usage also applies to debit cards.  To the dismay of avid debit card users everywhere, I believe it does.
You: Why?
Debit cards are made of plastic.
You: The material matters?
No, it’s not the material that’s at issue. Debit cards are superior to credit cards since, for [...]

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Michael on June 8th, 2009
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I’m always eager to share articles written elsewhere that are useful to Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck readers.  That’s one reason I read the Carnival of Personal Finance every week. This week’s version, hosted by fellow New Englander David from Money Under 30, includes my post Should I Repair My Car or Buy Another One?
Of the [...]

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Much has been written about the deceiving practices of credit card issuers and our government’s newfound desire to closely regulate them. make it harder for them to continue.  In my opinion, some banks and bankers (like some politicians) are bad, greedy, and in need of some adult supervision. Most, however, play reasonably fairly, especially when [...]

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Michael on May 26th, 2009
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My wife and I took a “staycation” this weekend.  I’ll admit we didn’t plan it that way.  We had a busy Saturday planned but aside from a brief visit by family Sunday, little else scheduled for the weekend.
But sometimes you really can enjoy the place you live.
The weather in New Hampshire was stunning all weekend [...]

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