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Michael on October 12th, 2009
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So I got a concussion last week.
You: Explaining your recent absence?
You: I thought it was the Red Sox fiasco.
While that didn’t exactly speed my recovery, their collapse had no impact on the extent of my own.  While I am still limited in my work hours, I will try to weave in an important, if not [...]

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Michael on April 27th, 2009
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You might already know that I’m a pretty big Red Sox fan.  This weekend’s series with the NY Yankees was filled with a lot of unexpected events including a 2 run bottom of the ninth comeback, a 16-11 game (during which the Red Sox once trailed 6-0) and in my mind the craziest: Jacoby Ellsbury’s [...]

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Michael on January 23rd, 2009
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It’s Friday, so it’s time for this week’s reader-submitted Q & A. If you’d like to submit a question, click here for more information or simply email a question.
My wife and I are going to receive a hefty income tax refund.  We didn’t adjust our W-4’s properly until September ‘08 (after we read Beyond [...]

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