Michael on November 18th, 2009
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Money is often reported to be one the biggest sources of discontent in relationships.  Even if you are fortunate to share the same value system as your friend/significant other/spouse, disagreement about priorities can still cause stress.
At 3PM today, the good folks at LifeTuner will be hosting a chat with Motley Fool writers Robert Brokamp and [...]

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Father’s Day Financial Lessons
Earlier this month, I wrote a detailed article Three Financial Reminders For New Dads over at FiLife (a joint venture between The Wall Street Journal and IAC.  I’m sharing it with you in honor of Father’s Day. How are you (or the Dad in your life) celebrating? I’m going to the Red [...]

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Michael on May 19th, 2009
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I recently began working with LifeTuner a financial education web site run by folks at an international non-profit who simply “get it.”  Earlier this month, LifeTuner left private beta and is now open to everyone.  Put visiting LifeTuner atop your to-do list.
What you’ll see should you visit is that LifeTuner is hosting a live chat [...]

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