Mutual Funds

Michael on October 24th, 2008
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You: Pay taxes on losing investments?  That sounds counterintuitive.
It is counterintuitive.
You: Okay.
But it is what can happen and is likely to happen to many mutual fund holders this year as reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this week.
You: What? I own some mutual funds. I’m going to owe taxes on them even though they’re [...]

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Michael on August 20th, 2008
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You: Which funds should I pick?
You: In my 401(k) account. . .I have like a dozen funds to choose from. Which ones should I pick?
I can’t give you specific investment advice.
You: Right. I knew that. Well, then, how can I pick the right funds?
There aren’t any “right” funds.
You: Okay, I think you’ve got [...]

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