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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents financial planning education
A true conversation, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents a completely different way to learn personal finance.  Of course any money book can make that claim.  But we'll prove it to you, before you spend a penny.  Take a few minutes to get a flavor of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck by reading the excerpts below or, if you prefer, listening to our audio excerpts.

The conversational preface sets the tone.

These five pages from Chapter 2 demonstrate how the book's straightforward, easy-reading style increases your understanding so you think and act differently.

Later on, you'll learn that a 401(k) plan is incredibly simple to understand--no mater how many boxes are on the enrollment form.  With Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, you ask all those nagging questions--and finally have them answered.

Sample the unique glossary, which defines hundreds of key words and phrases in terms you can understand, appreciate, and occasionally snicker at.

Finally, here's the fairly ugly but publisher's official excerpt.

Ready to start your conversation?

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