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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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"Old-school financial principles in a new-school package: delivered with a timeless sense of humor, humanity & spark, in collaborational pursuit of real happiness."

- Anne Marie H.


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Choose your financial path. Finances, like life, is a series of choices. Which way will you go?

The Language of Personal Finance:
How to Talk Like You Know Something AND Also Actually Know Something
We’ve all been in that conversation with someone that somehow drifts towards a financial topic. You smile and agree but, in reality, you don’t know what the heck the other person is talking about. Participants in this workshop leave with the working financial vocabulary that had evaded them and some baseline skills to take action. Topics include:


  • Taxes - Federal, State and Medicare - oh my!

  • Introduction to retirement plan opportunities - employer sponsored and private

  • Understand today to invest for tomorrow

  • Insurance - How to get the right insurance and the right terms

  • Employer-Sponsored Benefits - How to get the most out of what your employer is already offering you


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