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Michael B. Rubin is a sought-after personal finance expert. Members of the media who wish to speak with Michael can email him anytime. In a hurry? Michael has provided many quotes while traveling at speeds well over 60 MPH. See below for full media contact information.

This page contains media coverage, press releases, downloadable images, media testimonials, and media contact information.

Or, simply view the Total Candor Media and Capabilities Kit.

Media Coverage
Fox News Chicago
Help for Families Living Paycheck to Paycheck

First Business News
The Savings Solution

WCBS (New York, NY CBS affiliate)
Tax Preparers Offer Discounts in Slow Economy

WHDH (Boston, MA NBC affiliate)
That Makes Sense: Saving Strategies on the Nightly News

KABC (Los Angeles, CA ABC affiliate)
Tax preparers offer some big bargains

KITV (Honolulu, HI ABC affiliate)
4 News This Morning with Mahealani Richardson

WXYZ (Detroit, MI ABC affiliate)
Taxes on the Cheap

WMUR - (Manchester, NH ABC affiliate)

Boston, Somerville, Cambridge (MA)
Own Your Money


AOL Money and Finance
Top 5 Ways to Save Money
Tips for Living Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck
Should you pay debt before saving?

Self-directed IRA a good bet?

BBC Russian
: -
Pensions in the US (English translation by Google)

Book Notes New Hampshire
Book of the Week
Car Loans: How Long Should They Be?

Chicago Tribune
Bankruptcy a last resort to deal with job loss, debt

Why a Fed Rate Cut Won't Save Christmas
Consumer credit card balances fall again in October, Fed says

Credit card APRs fall slightly, reversing recent rate-hike trend

Credit card APRs rise for third straight week

Poll: 1 in 3 resolve to slash debt this year

9 predictions for credit cards in 2009

Poll: Half of America won't spend their 'stimulus' rebate

Fed cuts rates; will your credit card bill fall, too?

6 Steps to Minimize Debt, Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Fed rate cuts and your credit card

Daily Pilot
Jump$tart Coalitions First National Financial Literacy Conference for Educators

El Paso Times
Options for breaking the living check-to-check cycle
 With financial markets in turmoil, is now a good time?

Financial Advisor Magazine
Boomers Want Help With Their Kids

Don't let govt. bucks corrupt you

Debt isn't about how little we make

Fox Business
Six Ways Federal Reserve Policy Hurts Retirees

Honolulu Star Bulletin
 ING DIRECT events mark opening

Gen Y Needs Tailored Message, Not 'Gimmicks'

Investment News
Asset managers said to be overlooking Gen Y

KHNL NBC 8 Honolulu
Financial cafe for those hungry for help
The 7 Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Life Script
9 Bad Habits to Beat Now

New Graduates Are Prone to Financial Follies

Military Money
Ten Strategies for a Fiscally Responsible Life

MSN Careers/
5 Books That Will Help Your Career

MSN Money
The big cost of baby

Money Magazine
Time to Get on a Spending Diet

Nashua Telegraph
Looking for a Match Quickly

The Nest
Are You at the Right Bank?

Philadelphia Inquirer
Web Wealth: How to save money

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Silent partners: Keeping financial secrets from your spouse can be destructive

Rate-cut spree aims to jolt economy

The Planner
Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

Portsmouth Herald
Calling All Experts: Are You Ready to Write a Book?

Money Manager: Writer aims to help adults with personal finances

Pep Talk for College Graduates

Registered Rep - The Retirement Insider
Protect the Sandwich Generation from Eating Up their Assets
Financially Speaking: Gift for the New College Graduate

Shine, from Yahoo!
Taxes on the cheap
Money Firms Slow to Target Gen Y Demographic

Top 5ive Keys To Retiring Early

Top5ive Surefire Ways to Save Money

Springfield Republican
Women Bank on Money Advice

TimeOut Chicago
What to expect when expecting to get ... laid off!

Wall Street Journal
Concern Over Future Tax Laws Slows Conversion to Roth IRAs
(requires subscription to

Wall Street Journal Sunday
Don't Try to Hide From the Turmoil

Hitting Up Your Parents

WalletPop (AOL)
Five budgeting tips from CEOs that anyone can use

Women's Health
Four Terms Women Should Know

Yahoo! Finance
Cut holiday costs this season

Yahoo! Hot Jobs
Careers That Bring Hope in Hard Times

Hawaii Public Radio
Town Square with Beth-Ann Kozlovich

KPFK- Los Angeles, CA
Experience Talks

KKNW - Seattle, WA
Femme Finance

1340AM KYNS Air America - San Luis Obispo, CA
Smart Money Talks

American Urban Radio Network - National Syndication
Money Smarts

WFYV, WMXQ, WJGL, and WOKV - Jacksonville, FL
First Coast Forum

WGN Radio 720 - Chicago
The Money Show with Bill Moller

KYW Newsradio 1060 Philadelphia
Don Lancer's Report

WAXI - Terre Haute, IN
Focus on Finance

WHEB, WQSO, WERZ, WUBB, and WMYF - New Hampshire
Seacoast Sunday Morning

WBNW - 1120 Boston
Money Matters Radio

Central Valley Business Times
Can't Seem to Save? The Problem is Not Starbucks

How To Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

MSN Money
5 Tips for Expecting Parents

Ode Magazine
Choose to be Fiscally Responsible

Prioritize Your Debts

Putting Major Focus on Major Expenses

Widely Read Blogs:
The Wallet (The Wall Street Journal)
Credit Card Rules For Under-21s: Wise Idea or Ticket To Financial Hardship?
Give a gift that can keep on growing

The Simple Dollar
 Review: Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

Generation X Finance
Book Review: Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

Alpha Consumer (US News)
Michael Rubin: Embrace Free Stuff

Employee Evolution
Getting Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

Huffington Post
All About 401ks

MSN Moneyblog: Smart Spending
The smart way to use frequent-flier miles

Big fat lies we tell ourselves about credit cards

Bloggers critique Suzes big about-face

Not saving for retirement? You're making excuses

The new (and old) rules of home buying

'Uh-oh. Game's up': A blogger's thoughts on easy credit
10 Simple Saving Strategies Post

Free Money Finance
Even More Money Advice for Graduates

Taking Charge
Being a financial reporter doesn't make you immune from banking headaches

Lehman report signals lousier credit card offers

CFP Board Consumer Newsletter
Dont Scrimp on Your Insurance Coverage

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

Why You Need a Will

When the Going Gets Tough, Stick to the Plan

The Facts About Inflation

How to Handle Home Equity

How to Live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

The Meaning of Mortgages III: Reasons to Refinance

Life After Graduation Newsletter
Financial Education Pay$

Mom Corps Newsletter
From Nap To Frat: The 5 Rules of College Savings

Savvy Ladies Newsletters
July Book of the Month

April 23, 2012: The Savings Solution Keeps the Conversation Going, Helping People Move Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

July 24, 2007: Author, money guru offers financial tips on WealthWise

July 16, 2007: Financial Guru Offers Free Savings Seminar at ING DIRECT Café

June 14, 2007: New Graduates are Prone to Financial Follies

May 18, 2007: Learn how to live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck
May 16, 2007: Book provides financial education you were never taught
May 11, 2007: Learn how to live Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck at RiverRun Bookstore

February 19, 2007: New Financial Planning Tools Educate and Empower Young People to Move Beyond Paycheck To Paycheck Lifestyle

Downloadable Images

Media Testimonials

"My interview with Michael Rubin was great! Michael's financial advice should be heard by every college graduate or young adult."
- Kelly Brown, News Director for WHEB and Clear Channel Portsmouth

"I've been dealing with financial matters for years now and found that your book summarized key points very well. Impressive and I hope your success continues."
- Jeremiah Turner, Business Editor, Foster's

"My interview with Michael Rubin was excellent! Our monthly Wealth Expert Series is full of the Nation's top experts such as Sandy Botkin, Loral Langemeier, Lee Phillips and so on. Adding Michael to our list of Wealth Experts fit perfectly with our focus on educating our members with the best practices available to them to amass wealth and financial freedom and avoid the hype and fads that pervade our culture. Michael's philosophies are foundational and proven and are what everyone that has financial responsibilities (i.e, mature adults) should listen to and follow. The 'Other 99%' that his message is targeted to will benefit tremendously by listening and taking action from his strategies."
- Joshua Long MBA, Mortgage Concierge, Owner of Tower Mortgage

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