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"I am very happy with his approach - down to earth, while based on principles - not technical, which I would not have listened to as intently."

- Elder Law Series Participant


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Financial Planning Education. Special Notes.
Special Note to New Total Candor Readers Special Note for New Total Candor Readers

The classes I enjoyed and learned from the most were the ones where the teacher facilitated a true discussion.  In that spirit, and following the spirit of Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck, most Total Candor articles are written in true conversational format.  I think that’s one key reason why you’ll find you learn much more here than you ever expected.

With that in mind, like all education, the process needs a teacher and a student. I provide all the tools possible for you to learn: examples, key terms in boldface, and the opportunity to ask questions which you will do in italics.  Also, be warned that Gary, a sales-obsessed “planner,” will appear from time to time in a font similar to this one to express his thoughts.  Part of your education in money management is becoming aware of what his spin might be in certain situations, while determining your own true needs.

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