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"Mr. Rubin was incredible! I bought his book! I wrote feverishly and will share his lesson with the class"

- Jump$tart National Educator Conference Attendee


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Choose your financial path. Finances, like life, is a series of choices. Which way will you go?
Plan to Retire?  Get One or You Might Not

Breaking through the inertia of procrastination is a big challenge.  Nowhere is the price of delay more costly than in retirement planning.  And nowhere are the true costs of waiting less understood.  In this highly motivating workshop, you will learn and appreciate how easy it is to get started and may choose to do so during the workshop itself!  Topics may include:

  • Self-reliance and self-funding - why your retirement is like none other before

  • Save early, save often

  • The tragically hilarious differences between Social Security and personal retirement accounts

  • Extra! Extra! Free money for retirement!

  • 401(k) simplified to three easy choices

  • Who is Ira Roth?  IRA’s and Roth IRA’s - plain and simple

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