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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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"He's articulate and intelligent. The content is practical and well-explained."

- Kristen J.


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Choose your financial path. Finances, like life, is a series of choices. Which way will you go?

Don't Be Cheap, Be Fiscally Responsible

Feel like the only way you’ll ever be able to save is to make more money? Hate budgets? Concerned about feeling or even appearing cheap? You’re not alone. This seminar will teach you how to save on your current income—without budgeting. But fair warning: you and your people will probably be thinking more and spending less after leaving.  Topics typically include:

  • Don't Become Emotionally Separated From Your Money

  • Enjoy Free Stuff

  • Major on the Major, Minor on the Minor

  • Enjoy Being With People You Like

  • You Won't Spend What You Don't See

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