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"Loved your total candor approach. Really did appreciate for myself and my children what you had to offer and especially your initial comments about pursuing your dream. . . I will look forward to reading your book and implementing much of what I learned from you! "

- Corri W.


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Total Candor Tax Preparation

FAQs about Total Candor Tax Preparation

Who will sign my return?

Michael B. Rubin, CPA, CFP® signs every return prepared by Total Candor. Michael is the founder and President of Total Candor, a financial planning education company. He previously worked with Arthur Andersen and Coopers & Lybrand, two of the largest public accounting firms in the world (at the time). He worked in the personal financial services practices of each firm, nearly exclusively on individual tax and financial issues. Michael personally prepares and signs every return. Note: 100% of our clients have their tax returns prepared by Total Candor - the preparation of your tax return will not be outsourced to any third parties (in this country or in another one). Learn more about Michael, Total Candor, and his best-selling book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

How can I save?

You can save a significant sum of money on your tax preparation fee simply by providing us with your information early in "tax season." View our tax preparation specials.

Do you have discounts or specials?

Actually yes, primarily for the organized and those who are still in school full-time. Read about our tax preparation specials and discounts.

Why does it still cost well over $200?

Because it still takes a bunch of time and it's 2014. There's plenty of value here. Plus, as any old accountant will tell you, it doesn't take a whole bunch of tax deductions to save you a bunch of money in taxes. We usually find our value far exceeds our relatively modest fees.

Should I just do it myself?

Quite possibly, yes. If you're going to file a Form 1040EZ, you should consider just doing so on your own. It's unlikely any tax preparer would be able to provide the financial value you'd hope by doing such a simple return. (Although many would be happy to charge you $100 for the 10 minutes it will take them). We strongly suggest those with simple tax returns (like 1040EZs) prepare their returns themselves using tax software. But many other people who lack the time, interest, or expertise can quickly recoup their fee in time and tax savings by using a paid preparer. We believe that the higher the quality of the preparer and the lower the tax preparation fee, the better the chance you'll be quite content with your decision to hire someone else.

Whatís included?

Your tax return will be signed and reviewed by Michael B. Rubin, CPA, CFP®. Expect true professionalism throughout the process as we pride ourselves on putting our clients first and making sure each detail (and possible deduction) is attended to.

Whatís not included?

We don't offer refund anticipation loans. That's because they suck for you. We also won't guarantee a refund or a certain amount of tax savings. That's not how taxes work. Yes, we said that and yes we realize that means certain people won't work with us. That's okay! Those aren't our type of clients.

Will I get a refund?

We don't know. It depends on all a whole bunch of things, the most important being how much you've already paid in (primarily through withholding) and the extent of your total tax liability. But if you owe, you're at least making a smart financial move: consistently receiving an income tax refund is like lending money to the government interest-free. There's no reason to be so generous.

Where are you?

We are located in Portsmouth, NH, halfway between Boston, MA and Portland, ME.

I donít live anywhere near you. Can we still work together? Should we?

That's really not a problem. You can use email, fax, the postal service (or FedEx or UPS for that matter) to send us your information. We can do the same to get it back to you. We can talk by phone or email. Most of our clients are from outside our immediate area. Not surprisingly, with today's technology, your potential physical distance from us is really a non-issue. (We can even pay for your ground shipping expenses!)

Can we chat before I commit?

Absolutely, send us an email to request an appointment.

I have someone Iíd like to refer to you. How can I do that?

Great - thanks! Just send us an email with that someone's contact information and we'll be sure to be in touch with them. If they become a client, you'll receive your referral bonus - $50 off your tax return (in addition to any other specials/discounts you qualify for). Your new best friend also receives $50 off.  Do this as many time as you like. With 4 or more referrals, your tax return will be prepared for you free of charge!

I have other questions not listed here. How can I contact you?

Email is the best way. We look forward to hearing from you.

How do I get started?

Easily. Just click on Start My Tax Return and follow the simple instructions.

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