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"Learned to transfer my income tax refund into my 401(k) plan --not to use it as fun money. I learned not to fool myself about my savings habits."

- The Money Conference For Women Attendee


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Total Candor Tax Preparation

Total Candor Tax Preparation Fees
Make sure to see our specials below, most of which are based on the date you send us your information. Free electronic filing is also available!

Form 1040
$ 299
Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)$ 59
Schedule B (Interest & Dividends)$ 59
Schedule C (Self-Employed Income)
From $ 59
Schedule D (Sales of Investments)
$20 per item
Moving Expenses
$ 49
State Return (resident)
$ 99*
Non-resident State Returns
$ 129*
$ 0
* All states other than New York and California. (NY and CA are $139.)

Although we've done returns that include plenty of the forms not listed above, these are by far the most common. If you know (or even suspect) that you may require additional forms and would like us to provide a quote, simply contact us. You'll hear back quickly.  Most all other federal forms are $59 each and some are even less.

And those prices you see above: unless we come to an agreement in advance, thatís exactly what youíll be billed. Youíll never be charged any fees or expenses youíre not expecting (like random software charges, telecommunications, copying, mailing, etc.). You can always be sure the next guy isn't getting a better deal than you.

All tax preparation firms benefit from your organization. At Total Candor, we share this benefit with you. The earlier you provide your information to us, the less you pay us. See the following table for details:

Mail all data to us by:and save:
February 15
March 15

New Client Referral Bonus Program

If you know someone who should become a Total Candor Tax Prep client, let us know! For every new client you refer, save $50 off your tax return plus your new best friend will also save $50!  That's in addition to any other discounts you qualify for.  Note: refer 4 new clients and your tax return will be prepared for you - free!

Need More Information?

Need forms not listed above and want a quote? Got another kind of question?

Give us a call at (603) 373-0373 or send us an email.

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