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Empowerment through unbiased financial education
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"Because of Total Candor, I knew enough to throw the insurance guy my accountant referred overboard when he started talking about variable annuities and A, B, and C shares."

- Michele D.


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Don't let Gary get you!
Even if your name is Gary, we're not picking on you.  At least we hope not.

Gary is a commission-obsessed salesman playing a key role in the motivational personal financial planning book  Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.  Preying on the lesser-informed, this unscrupulous villain sells you products first and asks you questions second.  Well, sometimes.  Other times, he never asks questions at all.

Although we hope you never meet Gary in the real-world, your best defense is a solid financial education.  Therefore, we are compelled to inform you about his habits, tell you the types of questions you should ask him, and always provide you an alternative source for the truth.

Go ahead, learn more about Gary.  It can be fun.  Besides, he'll never know you're laughing at him.

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